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Our Collections



We introduce you to this collection made from polymer clay, a plastisol. These are handcrafted and then baked to perfection. These are absolutely handmade and thus, every piece will have a slight variation.

                        These pieces are hard, slightly flexible, pretty light and durable.

Bead up!!

Beautiful, high-quality beads are strung together to create fascinating jewelry which matches your aura.

                   The intricately beaded jewelry from this collection will definitely make you fall in love.


Boo love

Include in your wardrobe, the essential tribal jewelry, which basically is metal jewelry that has been given a raw, organic oxidized look. 

About us

We are a small organization that strives to provide a platform where you can gift yourselves and your loved ones various types of imitation jewelry in different styles & designs best suited to your budget.

                     Here, you will find a arena of jewelry designs fit for your unique style.